A. The number one reason for your PC/MAC running slow is because it was running for a long time and needs a restart. This isn’t always the issue however.

eHow shows you 10 Ways to Speed Up a Computer.

A. Did you know, your information isn’t safe even on encrypted websites, online banking included!

How-To Geek tells you Why Using a Public Wi-Fi Network Can Be Dangerous, Even When Accessing Encrypted Websites.

A. Kind of, Sometimes even when your system notifies you that any transfers are completed, they may not be. Pressing eject guarantees anything in the queue is finished. We recommend it, it’s small price to pay for avoiding lost data.

Wanna know more? Lifehackers asks Do I Really Need to Eject USB Drives Before Removing Them?

A. Assuming you have already installed and set up Surveillance Station, added at least one camera, confirmed that the camera supports motion detection and installed Surveillance plugin for your browser you can continue with the following steps:

Synology’s Knowledge Base – How To Set Up Video Motion Detection For Your IP Camera In Surveillance Station

Open a CMD window. At the prompt type in: nslookup -type=A domain_name


A. We get asked this a lot. The answer is yes, but how likely is it that YOU will get caught?

Find out if you’re safe, Lifehacker tells you What Can Your ISP Actually See?

A. We’re sure you know about protecting your passwords and credit card information, but what about your identity? Your personal data is worth protecting.

Read more at Lifehackers Why You Should Care About And Defend Your Privacy article.

A. It is a delegated account assigned to an email account that allows for mail to be sent on behalf of as in the Outlook client. Fix: remove the account from the settings via the online dashboard
A. Backups should be scheduled according to how often you require your data to be saved – ask yourself can you operate without access to your data?

Don’t forget to do a restore check

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