Fibre vs VDSL

The beautiful light that fibre optics display.

When deciding between fibre-powered Ultra Fast Broadband and copper-powered VDSL Broadband you need to consider availability first: If Ultra Fast Broadband is not available at your address, then VDSL is a great step towards ultra fast broadband speeds. Check availability at your address.

If you have both fibre and VDSL available at your address, Ultra Fast Broadband is the better option if you are interested in speed. Unlike VDSL, Ultra Fast Broadband can be upgraded with a click of button to deliver up to 200Mbps – that’s up to 20 times faster than average ADSL speed. However, if you are happy with just doubling your current broadband speed, you should consider VDSL.

VDSL is delivered over an existing copper line, and only requires a quick wiring and installation work by a Chorus technician. Fibre, however, may require trenching to deliver it to your house, and a more extensive wiring installation inside the house, taking up to 2 days to complete.